Nokia’s push

I’ve been reading a lot about Nokia lately. They held an event yesterday and introduced new handsets. Named the Lumia family, they’re running Windows Phone 7 Mango and seem to be getting good press. Kevin Tofur of GigaOM wrote a fair bit about his expectations of the platform and grades Nokia’s efforts. It’s too bad the phones aren’t coming to the US markets until 2012.

The first phone I ever owned was a Nokia 3330 back in 2001. This was before the rise of touch screens. Before Blackberry was mainstream. Before iPhone was a glimmer in the late Steve Jobs eye. I attach a significant amount of achievement to owning that phone since it established my severely teenaged self as an independent member of society!

Nokia has been part of the mobile phone business for a long time, and I guarantee nearly everyone you know has owned one of their phones or knows someone who has. They commanded an empire market share in the early 2000s, and when the likes of iPhone and Android arrived they began to lose out. Their partnership with Microsoft will become the lifeblood of all major future products. Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop makes no bullshit about that.

I look forward to seeing their new devices. I’ll try to get my hands on Windows Phone 7 at some point this week and let you know what I think of Mango.


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