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A Very Nerdy Christmachanukwanza

Christmas has come and gone here in New England. I couldn’t have asked for a better season – I received many nerdy gifts.

My girlfriend and her mom got me two insanely excellent peripherals: the Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard and the wireless Logitech G700 Mouse. Both devices impress me, especially the G19’s built-in LCD panel and multi-colored backlit keys. The keys themselves are very quiet, but I suspect after a few years of intense use they’ll start to sound like my old Wave which is about to collect dust next to my nightstand. I can’t wait to map some macros to the G-keys hat  situate to the left of the main keyset. I should reinstall Homeworld 2 or W40k Dawn of War…

The G700’s form fitted right-hand grip is luxurious, and the response time for wireless transmission of its position is lightning fast. I take back everything I said about wireless mice. I can’t notice the difference between my old MX400 and the G700. There’s also a toggle switch near the scroll wheel that changes how the wheel behaves. Two modes are available: stepwise scrolling, or friction-less scrolling. It became very apparent after playing UT3 for a few minutes which one is most useful for a shooter. To hint at the right one, let’s just say one flick up in friction-less mode got me back to the weapon I started with after moving through all ten weapons three times.

And so here I sit, using both of these new toys – reveling in their utility. Suffice to say I will willingly be my girlfriend’s gofer for months =]

On a news-related note, please read up on SOPA if you can. Leo Laporte and friends had a lively debate on the topic a couple weeks ago. It’s illuminating, especially since many of the internet’s top pundits are weighing in.



History loves to move in circles


Windows store? Microsoft has one company square in its sights.

Windows 8 comes out later next year.

Here’s another thing absorbing my time

Skyrim dominates my desktop. But Infinity Blade rules my phone. Here’s a snapshot of my honorable knight.


Despite his intimidating appearance and lightning agility, I still can’t get him to parry properly. #duelingfail

Antivirus anti- SOPA

TNW’s Alex Wilhelm reports that Eugene Kaspersky of Kaspersky Labs has made the decision to leave the Business Software Alliance over its support for SOPA – the Stop Online Piracy Act.

“Yes, we’re leaving BSA because of their support for #SOPA.” He told The Inquirer that “#SOPA is the vinyl-era legislation trying to manage the industry that requires a different approach,” said Kaspersky.

Kaspersky Lab is an international antivirus software developer specializing in both home and enterprise Internet security.

For those not in the know, SOPA is the result of government legislation that enables, in effect, an “Internet kill switch” and puts it in the hands of copyright holders. Any website suspected of hosting pirated media could be shut down without notice and no due process. Not only is this a violation of free speech, but it is a violation of one of our most basic legal tenants: innocent until proven guilty. It is a flagrant disregard for what the Internet represents in our modern era- a free and open forum for sharing, discussion and world wide communication.

I’m glad to see companies like Kaspersky recognizing the danger of this power and I hope that more are to follow.

To see someone get really riled up about SOPA, head over to Tekzilla at Revision3 and watch Patrick Norton get on his soap box.

In anticipation of… a mobile game?

“We hear from some quarters that video games that are not played with some use of a button do not count. Wrong. The proof is on the iPad on my desk.” -Stephen Totilo, Kotaku

Remember when I posted about a Forbes columnist who dared accuse iOS games (and mobile games in general) of not being “real” gaming experiences? Kotaku writer Stephen Totilo posted his review of Infinity Blade II, and his perspective largely echoes what gamers are becoming more and more aware of: mobile devices can power excellent, high production value gaming content.

Totilo writes: “Skipping [Infinity Blade II] because it is, essentially, gesture controlled, is not recommended.”

Fuck you, Forbes.