A Very Nerdy Christmachanukwanza

Christmas has come and gone here in New England. I couldn’t have asked for a better season – I received many nerdy gifts.

My girlfriend and her mom got me two insanely excellent peripherals: the Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard and the wireless Logitech G700 Mouse. Both devices impress me, especially the G19’s built-in LCD panel and multi-colored backlit keys. The keys themselves are very quiet, but I suspect after a few years of intense use they’ll start to sound like my old Wave which is about to collect dust next to my nightstand. I can’t wait to map some macros to the G-keys hat  situate to the left of the main keyset. I should reinstall Homeworld 2 or W40k Dawn of War…

The G700’s form fitted right-hand grip is luxurious, and the response time for wireless transmission of its position is lightning fast. I take back everything I said about wireless mice. I can’t notice the difference between my old MX400 and the G700. There’s also a toggle switch near the scroll wheel that changes how the wheel behaves. Two modes are available: stepwise scrolling, or friction-less scrolling. It became very apparent after playing UT3 for a few minutes which one is most useful for a shooter. To hint at the right one, let’s just say one flick up in friction-less mode got me back to the weapon I started with after moving through all ten weapons three times.

And so here I sit, using both of these new toys – reveling in their utility. Suffice to say I will willingly be my girlfriend’s gofer for months =]

On a news-related note, please read up on SOPA if you can. Leo Laporte and friends had a lively debate on the topic a couple weeks ago. It’s illuminating, especially since many of the internet’s top pundits are weighing in.



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