Outer Space is Cooler than Princess Pageants

While I was forcibly encouraged to watch “Toddlers in Tiaras” with my better half and her friends on New Years Eve, I managed to find some time to browse the App Store. In my search for anything redeemingly masculine I came across a very unique app – Planetary by Bloom.

Planetary displays anything in your Music app on your iPad by representing your music collection as a galaxy. The stars become artists, their albums become orbiting planets, and the tracks themselves become moons. It’s striking how Bloom visualizes these relationships- the planetary and satellite 3D models are sharp, bright and cast shadows from the light beaming from their host star. The stars themselves are fascinatingly detailed and provide beautiful lighting on all nearby objects.

I took a couple screen shots to show you how some of my content was laid out. I think you’ll find the album choice fitting.

After spending a few minutes with this app I yearned for some quality Star Trek time. The girls were not having it.

Navigating is ridiculously easy. You move from star to stay by tapping them in the distance. You can manually zoom in and out with the usual gestures, too. The app can even show you the playlists you’ve loaded to the Music app – so you can effectively use Planetary in place of it.

Check it out, sic-fi nerds. Planetary is free on the App Store.

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