CES 2012 is here and apparently people are bored


CES 2012 started this weekend, and already people are saying nothing is standing out as “the next big thing”. There are plenty of newer, slimmer, faster versions of all the tech we love to use, but nothing unique. Yet.

It also doesn’t help that Microsoft is delivering its last keynote address this year. Apparently it’s not going to be worth our time- they plan to “wrap up” their presence at CES with discussions on the impacts of Windows Phone and XBox instead of brand new software or initiatives.

It makes me sad to see Microsoft exiting like this, because following CES is fun (though people in the business think otherwise at times). I am genuinely excited to see what Microsoft does with Windows 8, it’s tablets and its phone OS. They’ve managed to make some compelling experiences on those platforms and it would be great to see more about them.

Maybe Microsoft is following Apple’s lead- hosting their own future events and such. It’s certainly worked out for Apple so far.


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