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Adam Sessler Joins Revision3

I’m pretty happy about this.

X-Play was a great program on the original G4, and maintained a certain level of dignity that separated it from the bullshit┬áthat spews from the entity that has become today’s G4 after Comcast merged it with TechTV (another much-beloved and sorely missed television network). Sessler’s role in that show, combined with Morgan Webb, made it a fun and interesting thing to watch.

I’m excited to see him welcomed by Patrick Norton and the rest of the Revision3 gang.

Here’s hoping he gets lots of cameos on Tekzilla.


A little nostalgia for you

I was reading up on Gruber’s blog and found he linked to the following video in a pointed piece about some former Apple employees bashing the company. For context, the link to the video mentioned folks “literally laughed at and mocked” the iPhone as it debuted in 2007.

Thoroughly entertaining. Gruber’s article can be found here.

A small epiphany I had

After spending a week with the iPad mini, a few things occurred to me:

-Smaller and lighter is better

-4:3 makes sense for a tablet

-Gaming is flippin’ fantastic

On that last point, I will elaborate. Continue reading

Tech Day – Checking Out the iPad mini and Microsoft Surface RT

Last weekend my buddy Matt and I visited some local tech stores. A few big companies (you might have heard of them) announced a flurry of new gadgets last week and we wanted to poke and prod them to see what all the fuss was about. One in particular intrigued me. Read on to see how the day went. Continue reading

I’m Back (sorta)

I’m at work, so I’ll make this brief:

Recent techie events have compelled me to post more on Facebook and twitter, and I found that I’ve been able to maintain a constant posting rate. Then the thought occurred to me, Dan, you have a fucking blog. Post there.

So I will. In time.

For now, please enjoy this Autumn-themed puppy image. That is all.