A small epiphany I had

After spending a week with the iPad mini, a few things occurred to me:

-Smaller and lighter is better

-4:3 makes sense for a tablet

-Gaming is flippin’ fantastic

On that last point, I will elaborate.
I was watching Star Trek Voyager on Tuesday night and felt the compulsion to check Facebook. I grabbed my iPad mini (which was being restored from my iCloud backup), fired up the app, and did my thing. I scrolled through my home screen to see if there was anything else I felt like doing on the device, and I noticed that Doom Classic was one of the first games to finish downloading from my backup. I hadn’t played the game in some time, so I launched it and began shooting up demons.

Then came the moment of clarity.

The smaller, lighter iPad frame combined with the button placements for movement and the pew-pew-pew button made the experience so much more natural than it ever felt on my iPhone or iPad 3. The gargantuan screen in such a compact product felt like it pulled me in more completely. I tried out Mass Effect: Infiltrator as soon as it finished downloading and I was hit by the same awe-inspiring realization that the iPad mini will dominate mobile gaming.

I love Nintendo. But the experience I had with the iPad mini put the time I owned a DS Lite to shame.



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