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Another clever controller, this time from iCade

Now this is neat: iCade, the folks who brought us the beautiful arcade stand for iPad, have now made a PSP-esque bluetooth controller for iPhone and iPod touch. Engadget just posted about it this morning. Here’s the video:

A rubber case so it doesn’t fall. Clever!

Looks to have slightly more support than 60Beat’s device. I know that controller will win hearts, though.


If this is true, say goodbye to my social life next month

Joystiq posted a photo of a Diablo III poster saying the game will have a midnight release on February 1st. This is either Best Buy jumping an elephant gun, or Blizzard really is setting its sights for a late-winter release. Kotaku readers seem to think it’s a photoshop job, though Joystiq said they contacted the specific Best Buy location in Minnesota and confirmed the sign is actually there.

Anyone else hoping for the third coming of satan?

The next evolution of iPad mobile gaming

A few days ago I posted on Facebook about the 60Beat iOS Gamepad. I lauded its utility and hoped game developers would adopt it for current and future mobile games.

Gizmodo and Techcrunch have now reported about it and have the same sentiments.

Please let this be part of the future for hardcore mobile gaming!


Here’s another thing absorbing my time

Skyrim dominates my desktop. But Infinity Blade rules my phone. Here’s a snapshot of my honorable knight.


Despite his intimidating appearance and lightning agility, I still can’t get him to parry properly. #duelingfail