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Tech Day – Checking Out the iPad mini and Microsoft Surface RT

Last weekend my buddy Matt and I visited some local tech stores. A few big companies (you might have heard of them) announced a flurry of new gadgets last week and we wanted to poke and prod them to see what all the fuss was about. One in particular intrigued me. Read on to see how the day went. Continue reading


Another clever controller, this time from iCade

Now this is neat: iCade, the folks who brought us the beautiful arcade stand for iPad, have now made a PSP-esque bluetooth controller for iPhone and iPod touch. Engadget just posted about it this morning. Here’s the video:

A rubber case so it doesn’t fall. Clever!

Looks to have slightly more support than 60Beat’s device. I know that controller will win hearts, though.

The next evolution of iPad mobile gaming

A few days ago I posted on Facebook about the 60Beat iOS Gamepad. I lauded its utility and hoped game developers would adopt it for current and future mobile games.

Gizmodo and Techcrunch have now reported about it and have the same sentiments.

Please let this be part of the future for hardcore mobile gaming!


Outer Space is Cooler than Princess Pageants

While I was forcibly encouraged to watch “Toddlers in Tiaras” with my better half and her friends on New Years Eve, I managed to find some time to browse the App Store. In my search for anything redeemingly masculine I came across a very unique app – Planetary by Bloom.

Planetary displays anything in your Music app on your iPad by representing your music collection as a galaxy. The stars become artists, their albums become orbiting planets, and the tracks themselves become moons. It’s striking how Bloom visualizes these relationships- the planetary and satellite 3D models are sharp, bright and cast shadows from the light beaming from their host star. The stars themselves are fascinatingly detailed and provide beautiful lighting on all nearby objects.

I took a couple screen shots to show you how some of my content was laid out. I think you’ll find the album choice fitting.

After spending a few minutes with this app I yearned for some quality Star Trek time. The girls were not having it.

Navigating is ridiculously easy. You move from star to stay by tapping them in the distance. You can manually zoom in and out with the usual gestures, too. The app can even show you the playlists you’ve loaded to the Music app – so you can effectively use Planetary in place of it.

Check it out, sic-fi nerds. Planetary is free on the App Store.

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Here’s another thing absorbing my time

Skyrim dominates my desktop. But Infinity Blade rules my phone. Here’s a snapshot of my honorable knight.


Despite his intimidating appearance and lightning agility, I still can’t get him to parry properly. #duelingfail

In anticipation of… a mobile game?

“We hear from some quarters that video games that are not played with some use of a button do not count. Wrong. The proof is on the iPad on my desk.” -Stephen Totilo, Kotaku

Remember when I posted about a Forbes columnist who dared accuse iOS games (and mobile games in general) of not being “real” gaming experiences? Kotaku writer Stephen Totilo posted his review of Infinity Blade II, and his perspective largely echoes what gamers are becoming more and more aware of: mobile devices can power excellent, high production value gaming content.

Totilo writes: “Skipping [Infinity Blade II] because it is, essentially, gesture controlled, is not recommended.”

Fuck you, Forbes.