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Great Piece on the Internet and its effects on our concepts of knowledge, wisdom and the synergy of “networked facts”

I came across an article by Thomas Rogers at Salon while browsing my Flipboard feed. It’s a fascinating interview with David Weinberger and his thoughts on how we work with knowledge in the midst of a digital revolution.

I particularly like Weinberger’s analogy comparing how we filter information today with how it’s previously been filtered. Historically we’ve filtered out all the information we value and find meaningful. We made it accessible to very few people – ‘experts’ as Weinberger details – and in forms that are difficult to break in to.

Today we filter information forward. The Internet enables the recording and processing of many, many facts and opinions at once. Instead of a select few individuals processing and curating a catalogue of relevant opinions or facts into books, journals or magazines that might never see public attention, we instead sift through and find the best of what the community has to offer. The remainders never go away and allow us to filter them in our own, unique ways.

There’s so much more in the article. Read it – it’ll get you appreciating the wonderful little future we’ve made for ourselves.

“Are we on information overload?” by Thomas Rogers, at


Real Games? What ARE real games?

I recently read an article by Forbs columnist Louis Bedigian. He said a few words about the iPhone I disagree with- but what really stung me in his criticism was his brief commentary on gaming.

Bedigian mentioned Epic Games’ presentation of Infinity Blade II and in doing so made a scathing remark- that the iPhone cannot power real games.

What authority does anyone have to judge what game is real or not? Before we can even consider making a distinction, we have to define what a game is.

According to Miriam-Webster, a game is an “activity engaged in for diversion or amusement”. There’s a ton of those activities in the App Store and the Android Market. I could be wrong.

Bedigian goads Apple to create a “real” gaming machine that plays “real” games. Do you think mobile devices are capable of delivering real gaming experiences?

Post in the comments and lets find out.


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